Monday 3rd of April 2023

Probably The Best Thing You'll See Today. In 2017, a Group of Developers Hilariously Competed For Who Could Create Worst Volume Control interface in The World. The Results 1/22.

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Probably best thing you'll today. 2017, group developers hilariously competed could create worst volume control interface world. results 1/22.

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I want all of them.

All of these are better than the tiny, infuriatingly fiddly volume control offered by HBOAsia, so small its impossible to adjust.

Train fodder.

Por menos de esto hay gente en Guantanamo.

Me when i break out the.

Por favor, di quien gano.

Number 8 was my favourite, closely followed by the curling one.

For your list/sdd classes?

Superb! Number 1 is my fave.

These are hilarious.

Wheel of Volume? Now that has to be the absolute worst, because every single time you leave it to chance /18s the winner for me.

Unroll all.

Qual sua interface favorita?

That team then went on to decide that the navigation instruction volume on google maps should be different to the google assistant volume so it whispers "I'm sorry I don't understand" before the foghorn announces "TURN LEFT YOU PRICK".


How about input number without typing.

Some of these have strong jessesort energy in UX form.

This is like HDR picture settings across modern gaming.


The slingshot.

Love it!

Havent laughed this hard in a while.

Sh!t i cant decide which is the worst.

This is straight up a Wario Ware game.

Wheel of volume.

This is interesting.

5 and 8 killed me.

Agreed its the best thing Ive seen today. Absolutely hilarious!!!

Avientate unos asi.

Its giving me flashbacks of sitting in on some UX reviews.


These are fucking amazing and infuriating.

Quite a volume of solutions!


This is infuriating.

These are amazing!!

Gotta bookmark this.

There was also one for selecting time, wasn't it? This image is from a production product, the new Norwegian health platform (one journal to rule them all)...

Live view of parents trying to setup screen time controls for their kids.

Number 2 is sheer genius. Number 7 is sheer evil. Number 19 - dont give them ideas.

This cracked me up way too hard, not even sure why.

The second one made me scream so loud i had a coughing fit.

Check out r/badUiBattles, it's full of this stuff.

Hmm.. *thinking* "make quipu strings indicating volume from 0 to 10 000, then insert into scanner".


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