Saturday 3rd of July 2021

Ya Betta Watch Out.

Social Media Says

Hey yo we have a similar pfp.
We need a statue of Deez Nuts.
Ah yes xxx_deez_nuts_xxx.

What You Really Think

Trying to spread the word! Corporations are making it harder and harder for people to speak for themselves. The globalist do not what you to see this type of information! Distribution by proxy baby! Next years news, TODAY! I'M SERIOUS, MSG ME FOR INFO!!! DON'T LET THE NEW WORLD ORDER RISE!

Rocket league is more fitting.

Doing Rapid Scheduled Disassemblies all over the US.

He's playing Minecraft, but he's just making a really inhumane villager breeder.

You beat me to it! I was just about to say that.

It's the league where the rockets are sent (I know what rocket league is).


Imagine gamers stream sniping this man.

And then the week after there will be a resistance vs world power tournament to see if they get to keep those cities.

This sounds funny as heck,but better not to give them any ideas.

I like your spellings.

We can do an esport league to decide who wins the war.

The only thing to look forward to in a modern total war, would be the internet being shut off and no one having to think about Twitter for awhile. Hell, maybe a few months of cold turkey abstinence from social media might do the world a lot of good... if it werent for the hypothetical war that caused it, of course.

No they're talking about cyber warfare, similar to that pipeline being hacked. It's going to be decades more of infrastructure hacking and dick measuring.

It's happening all over social media. Twitter is just the main battleground everyone remembers because the fight went on for 6 whole months.

Its not twitter if theres no war.

WW3 just went down in my toilet bowl. Source: ate Taco Bell last night.

Tiktoc battle .

Slushi- All I Need.

Better for us because he's not playing 4.

Along with Factorio and Satisfactory(for a long time).

Wuhan or Fort Detrick? There is no way to know!

Sweden is now playing Minecraft.

Hell yeah!

American soldier Thomas Weldman considered war hero for successfully scamming Vladimir Putin out of his rare pets in Adopt Me.

The only quick chat response to being nuked has got to be "Okay.".

Hacking and a bunch of cyber security stuff, like the pipeline and everything else thats been going on.

I mean, they need the help of a motherfucking mailman to annex the mojave, what makes them think they can handle a pandemic all by themself!

If you look closely, it says CNN PH.

I can't tell if this is sarcasm, but the NCR being talked about in there is National Capital Region.

For CNN it really isnt.

Stole a comment weird grammar.