Saturday 11th of September 2021

Yachtless Talks About Shirtless.

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class="u-nolinkc" href="">I never knew someone could look in shape and out of shape at the class="u-nolinkc" href="">same damn time.
Living life class="u-nolinkc" href="">a quarter pounder at class="u-nolinkc" href="">a time (no hate, just like me except he has more yachts).

What You Really Think

He looks like he just drank a 12 pack and ate a meal. obviously he's got a bit of a gut here but even body builders look bloated after a full meal and some drinks.

See this? *rubs stomach* Fuel tank for a sex machine.

Dont shame pregnant men please.


Biere Diesel.

Van Diesel.

Got to have enough fuel for the family..

Roid diesel belly is the best belly.

He's preparing to play ole st. Nick for his next holiday movie.

Full tank for a love machine, baby!

Thanks for the laugh Muh dad is a truck driver, and that joke hit just right.

It's normal for athletes and people who do strength training to gain a lot of weight from time to time. When they are going through a relaxed phase in the training cycle, they still eat the same amount of when they are heavy training. Same calorie intake, less burning, more fat. Then, when the regular cycle is back, they quickly lose the weight.

To add to this when you see movie stars cut to shreds they've normally been dehydrating for days for the 3 second clip they'll use for the film it isn't actually representation of how they look day to day.

He's not posing, cutting for the shot, enhanced with lighting and makeup, etc.

Yeah, I honestly respect him for just lounging around showing off that heaving beer belly. Not trying to hide it at all. Mad props.

The last thing that needs to happen is Vin get the Brendan treatment. He is exactly what his fan base wants. His movies are fun, he puts a shit load of work into them. I don't know of any news of him treating people like shit, ragging on crew or cast. He is a fun character to watch and make fun of a lot here and there, the *character*. That's because Vin is a great actor, living his best life. Fuck everyone that tries to watch someone fail for bringing fun to people, just because it isn't their type of fun.

Underrated comment.

Thank you, let the man live holy shit. Reddit, and social media are so toxic. Like, look at yourself in the mirror. At least his mirror in on a yacht in Italy. Wheres yours?

Judging by the definition in his arms and chest that's fluid buildup due to alcoholism, not a fat blubbery gut from getting out of shape.

Wish I had his discipline! The Dude relaxes his body in between roles. Sounds,feels, looks like mine is permanently relaxed FML.

Since this is what I look like 24/7/365 (with more hair on my head) this pic makes me feel pretty great and I never really liked him that much before...heh.

Yes like call me when you get into shape 20 different times for movies.

The baby hes going to birth will probably have more muscle definition than I ever will.

Also, it gets easier if you have done it before. You can gain fat but the bone density and the strength in ligaments does not fade away so easy. On top of that, he now has the correct posture and technique for the exercises after training with the best personal trainers. He will be back in shape in no time.

Hes not in bad shape. People dont realize that before filming they water out so they look cut up. Hes jacked.

Dude looks like he's enjoying his belly. I would too.

> He seems to always get back in shape for his roles. Meh. He doesn't really. He's been doughier and doughier in his roles for years. Just keeps his shirt on and lets the muscle shirts pop out his arms. That jaw blends in a lot with the neck, now, too.

I'm not trying act like I'm very smart but if it was my job to get back in shape I'd do it too.

He's still got them. Fat forms over top your abdominal muscles, so he's probably still pretty jacked under all this.

They dont let you eat cake where youre from?

Greed is always in fashion, always has been. Gluttony is too busy eating to join the party. Wrath only shows up once in a while like that one drugged up cousin, but you still get to see them on the criminal news every week. We pretend lust isnt around even though we can hear them causing another scandal just upstairs. And pride is the uncle that looks at the work of wrath and says oh Yhea, but watch this! And does something even worse to get attention. Oh and sloth is the bottom to lust, and has been in that bed since the party started.

Well, could you not??

I just like that he starting his own *family*.

But how are then bird is fake though.

Steroids do a lot of the work tho in this case.

Hey mate, it must be a new trend, because me too! Never taught that I will be cool again.

Probably not look at those guns.

But do you have all that muscle under the fat, too? Or just the fat?

Where did the loser part come from I don't get it.

It's seriously such horseshit. I've dealt with so much body dysmorphia as a man because of the absurd standards I was presented with my whole life. I know I have a pretty damn good physique and work out a lot but I never feel good enough. I struggle with it mightily. Every time I go to the bathroom I look at myself and critique what i see. Wish I had grown up knowing it's more about health and happiness.

I think she got bullied for beating the shit out of her SO and being abusive lmao.

It literally only says its him shirtless in a yacht. Wtf are you and the person replying in that tweet even noticing.

Isn't that roid belly?

The article this is from is actually rather insulting, mocking him for relaxing his figure while not having an active role and so on.

If it wasnt implying anything it would say vin diesel spotted on a yacht enjoying his vacation.

Right lol it says he's shirtless on a yacht it's technically the truth.

Yeah, came here for this. Dude is hanging out on probably a bomb ass vacation. This is like the opposite of calling him a lose. I don't understand.

Like I don't see him being out of shape, buddy just looks bloated. We've all been there. Let the man be.

Name of my sex tape?

I dunno if titling a picture of Vin Diesel on a yacht in Italy expresses envy. It would appear to be a picture of Vin Diesel on a yacht and I'd believe it was in Italy.

Steroid belly?

Because he's still ripped from the belly up.

I'll be damned.

Ive seen 40 year old homeless beggars who were in pretty great shape. Guess theyre winners?

Looks like Palumboism from prolonged use of roids and insulin.

This completely. I played rugby until I was 38 at 250 lbs, I'm 300 now and it hurts like hell to do cardio long. To keep in peak shape past 40 is amazing genes. He's just got an off season bod going on. Once he's back full time that weight will be off in six weeks, definition back in twelve.