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Where did you come from.

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No? Were you born on the bottom of the ocean?

As someone who was alive to play Red when it was new, and as someone who grew up on Ruby and then played Pear faithfully, I can say that I truly believe the animated sprites of gen 5 are the best. 3D would have been amazing if the 3D models had animations that felt unique and fun for each Pokemon. Oh well, at least we now have Falinks, one of the best Pokemon that exists. :).

You zoomer kids have no idea how MINDBLOWING it was to be able to traverse to a WHOLE NEW region in Crystal/Gold/Silver, first time meeting a ROAMING legendary, seeing all the old leaders from gen 1, catching a Lapras on a Friday(!), battling frickin' Red as the final final boss. As much as I wasted hundreds of hours in Emerald and later gens, Gen II gave the most sense of wonder and adventure for a pokemon game for me.

HeartGold/SoulSilver is the best one imo, followed by Black/White. A.k.a. updated gen II and gen V. I didn't really like Diamond/Pearl because most of the decent Pokemon were either locked by story bullshit until very late in the game or you had to have a FireRed/LeafGreen cart in your DS to make them spawn.

Gen II literally included the preceding game inside it as post E4 content, none of the following generations have ever captured that magic.

I disagree. Black and White 2 are generally considered some of the best games in the series. It did a phenomenal job balancing the fake 3D Gen IV attempted. When the series hit true 3D is when the series started to lose its charm. The problem is GameFreak are not skilled developers. Sword and Shield for example looks like an early PS3 title and runs like shit. Even the new open world game looks disappointing compared to breath of the wild released for the Wii U.

I completely agree Also I feel the gameplay in the newer games is just worse.

^^(*cough*) Pokemon Uranium.


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You're somewhat correct, in the locality from where their first offices were, was the Honda theater. On the top floor, there's an apartment called "High Town" staff used to rent to sleep in. It's a developer's in-joke. ]Starts at about 13:40, if I got the timestamp wrong.]() EDIT: The first hour of the video's a great insight to Game Freak's thinking and their past history as a company.

The the one answering yes is always the Chad in the meme.

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He was just asking a question, and he got downvoted What's up with reddit and it's stigma against questions? **Oh shit I just asked a question**.

Damn I even assumed this was r/pokemon.

They can only do harm...

Played SwSh with my last games being Diamond and Pearl: - you don't actually get to play the game until ~45 - 60 minutes in. More or less 20 - 30 if just spam A the whole way through. - my hand was held the entire God damn time - not one battle, no matter what, will be more than lvl 60. Even post game, which unless you have the DLCs, aren't much of. - the DLCs actually are pretty fun if you don't mind paying the extra $30 (I think). I love Klara and Avery. - you won't have access to ALL the Pokemon. With DLCs you'll get Most if them - playing dress-up was a big part of the enjoyment I had in the game - overall the game was an enjoyable experience worth the $60 I paid. At least in my anecdotal experience.

That's not asking which one you played though. It's asking if you've played one of the prior games, and if I recall correctly it's to increase your odds of getting one of the newly added pokemon you can play as instead of a repeat.