Yes, Because it's Far Away And I'm a Dumbass.

Wednesday 5th of October 2022

Yes, Because it's Far Away And I'm a Dumbass.

Social Media Says

The ones using the term claim the borders are in chaos with class="u-nolinkc" href="">no process being followed. But in reality they're just pissed the borders are open at all and letting class="u-nolinkc" href="">brown class="u-nolinkc" href="">people in, it's racism. Edit: and the conservatives are here with the misinformation and misdirection everyone, do your own research on these news stories being mentioned. class="u-nolinkc" href="">Go to the associated press or Reuters for news so you get the minimal amount of spin, they're the best neutral sources easily available.

In American politics it's just class="u-nolinkc" href="">a buzzword to gauge if class="u-nolinkc" href="">people are racist or not.
>does the term "open borders" in your politics implicitly include due security checks and verification? Considering class="u-nolinkc" href="">this class="u-nolinkc" href="">window licker and his ilk constantly whine about the US' "open border" that also includes those controls, I'm going to say 'yes'. Or that he's an idiot whose class="u-nolinkc" href="">words he says have nothing to do with the meaning of the class="u-nolinkc" href="">words he uses. But that's just class="u-nolinkc" href="">conservative rhetoric 101.

What You Really Think

Open borders literally just applies to "dirty brown people." if you go up north, the US Canadian border is pretty much just a line in the dirt, nobody gives a shit, and old people go for socialized medicine all the time, come back, and bitch about socialized medicine.

Nothing in America means what is said usually.

It's just another political propoganda word used to rile the base. No different than fake news etc. The vast majority of our 'illegal' immigrants overstay work visas or come as asylum seekers through the checkpoints. The reality is they just don't want *anyone* in either becasue racism or fear. Mostly a combo of both.

Since no one has given an actual answer, I'll try... The southern US border has a checkpoint where everyone entering or leaving the country must pass though. Things like passports and sometimes car insurance are checked. The term "open border" means that those checkpoints are bypassed. Someone could presumably walk from Mexico, the southern country, right into the US without having to talk to anyone. Since countries south of the US tend to be significantly more involved in human and drug trafficking, the southern border has more restrictions than the norther Canadian border. Additionally, many people from southern countries, or other countries using Mexico as an entry point, are attempting to enter the US with the intention of bypassing any application process and remain in the US. There are many that scream racism while willfully ignoring the problems caused by open borders. Those people are advocating for policies that make things like human trafficking worse.

I think the 3 policies they disagree on with the other side are: 1. At ports of entry, accepting refugees/asylum seekers into the country while running due security checks/verification on them. People claiming open borders think those people are getting lost in the system and ending up in here free while faking being a refugee/asylum seeker 2. Security between ports of entry. The whole "build the wall" stuff was their thought of preventing illegal immigrants from sneaking through between ports of entry. We have border patrol that is supposed to stop anyone coming in, but clearly a lot of people do make it in illegally, though the other side would argue most making it in illegally are simply overstaying work visas. 3. For anyone who is in illegally, they'd want to beef up the agencies that find and deport them so more of that is done. They also believe those people are "taking our jobs". In reality, just about every job they "take" is paid "under the table" (i.e. by cash) and as such not typically a job a typical American would take, since technically that's illegal to do without reporting it and no one does. The biggest philosophical differences really are that the "open borders" claimers think lots of criminals are making it in illegally and our jobs are being taken, while the other side feels it's mostly non-criminals making it through that are contributing to our society and ultimately paying taxes (via sales tax anytime they buy something). Trump's infamous "they're not bringing their best" quote was about illegals for instance. I don't really know enough about the situation to have an opinion on who's right or wrong. I can say that my understanding of Bernie Sanders' stance was to actually increase border security/make it harder to get in illegally, but an easier path to citizenship for people who are in, which I tend to agree with. I lived in San Diego much of my life, with a grandmother who lived not far from the border, and everyone on her block had their house broken into multiple times, she's had illegals go into her backyard in the middle of the night, etc. It's a clear problem and it feels like none of the sitting politicians of the last 30 years when it's been a problem getting more and more serious have done much of anything to seriously address it. But it's also not that clear how to, so I don't really know which side is more "correct" about it. It could very well be like drugs where trying to fight it only grows it.

Yes, many people in the US (they're in all the comments here) believe we should waive vaccination, background check, visa, and other requirements for anyone who wants to enter the US. They also think people who overstay visas should not be deported. It's a strange take and no other country in the world acts that way, but for some reason they believe it to be wise.

The USA used to have open borders until the 20th century. Immigrants still had security checks and verification at places like ]Ellis Island](). Open borders advocates want to return to that situation. In the USA today, nativist politicians call the USA's current border policy "open borders" as a pejorative even though it's radically closed compared to any other point history.

Yes the normal restrictions of immigration are waived entirely for refugees. People are allowed to stay without having a visa pre-approved. A process which normally takes months. Very much like what is happening here. The reason this person is praising Poland is because the refugees are white.

It means whatever you need it to mean.

There is no open border. It's a PR term invented by right wing think tanks meant to get racist Americans all riled up about brown people existing.

Anything besides total immigration ban is open borders to these idiots.

I think yhe bigger problem is that the border securities aren't zmall is nust thay slot of people pass the mexican border undetected and then there's a fight between rep and dem if they should be considered citizens or deported.

These are the people who were fine with our border police setting up camps and separating children from thier parents without a plan for reuniting them. Oh also if the kids complained they would sedate them. They also refused to make more judges to be able to handle the influx migrants to figure out refugee status. the only implied solution is to let few in that did it legally, ignore refugee need, keep them on Mexico or ship them back to wherever they were fleeing from.

Right wing nutjobs will call anything less than a massive wall with armed guards shooting anyone trying to climb it an "open border".

Open borders also ahve registration and ofc it also blocks some people to enter the country, right wing politicians exaggerate that where it means borders dont exist anymore and ofc that would be bad.

Murdered by words is now just mild comebacks.

"Dubstep Cures Cancer", could be a murder case.

It's not one at all. Whoever posted this has no idea what they are doing.

Your right it belongs in r/suicidebywords.

He might not be explicitly expressing an opinion but he's framed the news in a positive way.

Isn't that praising in politics. You don't just bring something up that's one of your hot topic issues and not bash if you don't support it or something?

Lmaooooooo this is like how an alien who arrived on earth two weeks ago and was using a universal translator that couldn't convey context cues would interpret this.

I'm sure he is in the habit of sharing news on his twitter feed whether he agrees with it or not. That's probably exactly what is happening here. /S.

Even then, doesnt Open Boarder imply no/loose restrictions?I always thought refugees were more of an exception to most closed border policies, not a contradiction.

And the award for a clueless person of the day goes to you, yay!

Also Ukrainians are not brown, so it's different.

He praised it. And it's because they are the "okay" colour people. Think of how he would respond to Syrian refugees or Mexican refugees... tells you everything you need to know.

Cus journalists and their companies never color headlines with opponions...

He's just basically sharing it for others to know. No hidden intention, I guess?

And it wouldnt be hypocritical if he did praise it. The Polish government accepting refugees from a war of genocide on their border is light years away from an open border policy in the US. This is a stupid post.

Also Poland doesnt have open borders at all. Is it murdered by words because thats a politician reddit doesnt like?

Careful, when you come around with arguments many people on this site might have a stroke.

In America thats just a dog whistle for racism. Didnt you know?

Why were they there in the first place? Poland didn't open their border to the Syrian refugees. They had no business trying to get in. Not to mention those arrogant entitled fucks were pretty aggressive at the border. Also, to get into Belarus they must've passed through numerous safe countries first. They weren't war refugees at that point but rather illegal economic migrants.

I can't tell if it's sarcasm or you're just that dumb.

Might I also add there are decades of ethnic cleansing and aggression between Ukraine and Poland, but ew no nasty brown people that are literally being forced back and forth between Belarus and Polish borders.

Yeah, I cant imagine why anybody wouldnt LOVE to have a bunch of Syrians in their country lol.

It is not crazy. It is about islam.

"I don't know anything about the situation but I'll express my opinion anyway".

Such a retarded comment haha.

Syrians where in Belarus as tourists as far as paperwork is concerned. Besides letting Lukashenko get rich by trafficking people into EU is not a valid strategy.

The point stands even more though. Nobody in America is (seriously) calling for "open borders" either. We're asking for a better process for asylum seekers, specifically from places like Mexico and Cuba and DR, a specific subset of refugees.

I don't think that this is the gotcha that people think that it is. It just makes logical sense that people will rally around near neighbours geographically and for wars that are in their news. They will already have large diaspora from that country, and will have their own people living there too. I wouldn't have expected middle easterm countries to accept hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians each, for example.

I think this is because of the similar culture.

Idk mate, Sweden took too many Syrian refugees, increasing the criminal rate of the country and making the citizen less safe.

Helps when they're neighbours you know with skills relevant to you marketplace and who speak a common language.

Easy one has brown people and the other white. Europe and the whole world is hella racist.

It's called hypocrisy. This whole situation is riddled with it through and through. Russia needs to start more wars, that way Europe and US will pretend to care about people some more.

Syria isn't even far from Europe.

Yes but have you considered that he was mUrDeReD bY wOrDs?

I think it is not a matter of empathy, but a matter of location. This war happens in europe, and is therefore a threat to Poland and the rest of the European states. They do not help primarely out of empathy, but because indirectly, they got attacked.

More like knowing what is like being fucked by Russia, which happened during the most of the 20th century. Them being close to each other culturaly and geographicly.

Thats a really cool username.

Well when people have never had any significant conflict in their lives they won't develop conflict resolution. The only thing they know is what to say to get internet points.

> We need to open hearts and minds not shut them down oh yeah republicans are all about being open-minded and open-hearted.

The civil war is going to happen simply because people like you arent out there teaching good conflict resolutions. Damn you.

Idk, those two flags at the end of the post in particular kind of make it feel like he's praising poland for helping out. Nowadays when people are against something they make it veeery clear, if not they don't go stating facts unless those facts feed into their agenda anyway, regardless of which side we're talking about.

The Twitter user in the OP is one of the biggest political propagandists on the website. He's framing the issue as a positive development and it's not even really subtle.

Moving to a country of your choice with social security because the economy back home is NOT a human right. Otherwise, may africa and 95% of asia migrate to your hometown tomorrow.

Yeah you dont sound like a nazi at all.

Why do you americans think the world revolves around you.

Everyone who disagrees with me is racist.

You think it's because of race and not the fact crossing the border illegally is in fact illegal? Seems pretty racist dude not gonna lie.

I don't care who it is, anyone that wants to come here legally can, but I also think that people that come here illegally should be deported, I don't care if they were born here, left, got a new citizenship somewhere else and then tried to come back, and I don't care if they are white, black, Arab, Hispanic, men, women, children, straight, gay, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or from the moon.

I know it is hard to believe from afar, but not every place on the planet is so bent on skin colour differences. The main two factors for the Poles accepting and welcoming Ukrainians in their land: - common hatred for Russian imperialism due to first-hand experience. - Lots of Ukrainians had already settled in Poland and they had been integrating into Polish society without major issues.

The guy hes replying to is a right-wing provocateur who doom speaks about our southern border constantly.

Ukraine isn't in the EU...

As a citizen of the EU I certainly do. It's one of my favourite things about it.

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