Thursday 1st of April 2021

A Young Indigenous Australian Woman Says She Was The Subject of Police Brutality And Racial Profiling During a Dramatic Arrest in Sydney.

Social Media Says

A young Indigenous Australian woman says she was the subject of police brutality and racial profiling during a dramatic arrest in Sydney.

What You Really Think

How many time must people be reminded that when the police say You are under arrest, Don't fight it, its a fight you will never win. You gotta let the court deal with it.

Police departments needs to get back to classroom too. Police forces needs to teach how to respect community not to be a cowboys around the street. They have to be remembered that they are public servants not above the law too.

Doesn't look like police brutality to me. Looks like someone filming and trying to sensationalize the story by playing the race card. There's always more to a story, and we're only seeing half here !!

I have been pulled over heaps, complied, and that's it In saying that, police have scanners to see if your car is registered and if not, they pull you over.

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