Saturday 6th of March 2021

Chachi (Scott Baio) Plus Lauren Boebert, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Meadows, Sean Hannity, Paula White, Chuck Woolery, Charlie Kirk, Glenn Beck, Candace Owens, Alex Jones, Madison Cawthorn, Mike Parson, Ted Nugent And Diamond And Silk Combined Have... Zero College Degrees.

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Chachi (Scott Baio) plus Lauren Boebert, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Meadows, Sean Hannity, Paula White, Chuck Woolery, Charlie Kirk, Glenn Beck, Candace Owens, Alex Jones, Madison Cawthorn, Mike Parson, Ted Nugent and Diamond and Silk combined have... zero college degrees.

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Full speed ahead.

Trump likes guys who shit their pants to dodge the draft, those are your Patriots.

Its clear all of these people have proven that a worthless piece of paper costing tens of thousands of dollars just to boost your tiny ego isnt required to be successful. You made poor choices.

Big frigging deal.

There are many fools who went to Harvard and the likes.

They dont have unaffordable college loans while laying down the barista resume either.

Engineer here ... MAGA Oh yea...

Neither do I. Yet somehow am still able to discern fact from bullshit.

Who cares!

I believe that~.

Oh, is that why they are able to use critical thinking and aren't brainwashed? Cool, good to know.

And they all have WAY more money than you.

You coulda stopped at zero and still have been correct.

And your point is ???

Can we get this trending, please? It would make my year.

My sons wrapping up his third year in college and I struggle for a good answer when he asks me why its so important.

Not part of the liberal cult.

Oh, wow, you're a vegan! LOL.

Your point is?

.. and you notice theyve all done pretty well, havent they?


Some of the most educated people I know, have the least sense...

Jesus christ of all the things you could criticize those jackals for, you picked like the only one that could place me on their side. do you sickos do this on purpose.

... and all the college degree geniuses voted for a corrupted turd with Alzheimers . Scott Baio.

Well after seeing Trump's GPA, I am surprised he ever got one.

What do you think a college degree even means now? My best employees with creative thinking skills did not have degrees. A degree tells you WHAT to think, not how to HOW to reason. Blow off.

So whats Harvard educated tedcruz and HawleyMO exQqqqses?


No college debt and they are all successful and wealthy whats your point?

You forgot Tim Allan.

Trumpy doin his famous pirate face. Harrrrr!

Trump does have a degree. In those days it meant something. Over 40.6% of college graduates are unemployed today. Its risen harshly since 2005. Taking advantage of opportunity when it presents itself has provided more success than a degree.

Lmao. Biden is a joke.

Any wonder why? I'm not even remotely surprised.

The caboose speaks.

Don't amount to a hill of beans.

I hope Im wrong that a guy with a piece of paper would tweet something so stupid . Lmao SHOCKER . Might want to look up how many successful people in the world never attended college . NO YOUR NOT ONE OF THEM !

What an ignorant comparison.


And Trump got into college with fake SAT scores and his sister doing his work.

It really isn't so much of an intellectual intelligence It really is about emotional and psychological development... trumpsarmy Really have not developed...Anger and rage and narrow thinking... Very sad...


It shows.

Yep and all have had successful careers.. you probably have a college indoctrination and a huge student loan you are hoping biden will take from you... yea.. you sound like a winner..

The conservative think tank. the brain trust.

I know tons of smart people without one. Then there are millions who have them but are complete morons.

And what's their net worth average compared to yours?

I don't think this is making the argument you intended.

Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Paul Gosar... all have college degrees. There are people WITHOUT college degrees that are smart enough not to board the trump train. College degrees have nothing to do with wisdom or decency.

Kind of explains why theyre against college student loan relief, eh?

Yet, every one of them (Paula White excepted) is more successful than you are.

Oh, but their parties are legendary! Lol.

That's a whole wallful of dumbfuckery! Many smart people don't go to college, but you won't find an example here.

But, I feel sad for chuckwoolery as his son was lost to covid. Thats hearbreaking.

Brightest and the Best People LMAO Id love to see SAT / IQ stats as well .. and Skippys.

Do any have a high school diploma?

Hmm, working & getting life experience. So valuable. We only need so many art majors. Doctor checking in here. Your tweet puts your arrogant, opinionated, inexperienced bully mentality on full display. US needs unity, community, and self reliance rather than this idiot nonsense.

Hey now, I'm not defending them, but College Degrees are just paper showing you attended school enough and passed enough tests. It's not a true test of knowledge. Experience beats out degrees any day of the week.

Who cares.

And it shows.

Not an issue for me, andy. for me the issue is a lack of empathic understanding for the needs of others and for those who didn't get to play chachi.

So, they were smarter than all the idiot liberals who went into years worth of debt to get degrees that won't get them a job? Sounds about right to me.

A platoon of Neanderthals.

Call them Asbestos and Arsenic instead of Diamond and Silk.

Zero Brwains as well.

Dont forget that massive ass clown kid rock!!!

Good to know people can be successful without college degrees. Oh, was that suppose to be a burn?

And it really reflects their lack of maturity and intellectual development.

I also don't have a college degree, but I would be willing to compare IQ points and bet you a thousand dollars a point.

The people who built your house , keep the electricity, water and gas on for you probably do not have college degrees , they cant afford the pay cut.

Are you shaming them or proving that you can still be successful without a college degree?

Yeah Im not dunking on anyone just for not going to college. Thats elitist as fuck.

These are more your type huh??

Good thing they didn't waste their time with college brainwashing.

We do need to buy our Quantum Suits to end covid.

And look at how successful they are proving that college degrees are overrated.

My Father was born in 1930. He had a 9th grade education. He designed and built this house that I'm living in. HE did the electrical wiring HIMSELF. HE did the plumbing HIMSELF! He was a voracious reader. A self-made Man!!!

Yet most of these people have earned a level of success beyond many with college degrees. Rush Limbaugh, whatever you may think of him, made $85,000,000 a year and had a net worth of $600M. A degree is no guarantee of success.

They have zero intelligence .period.

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