Thursday 15th of September 2022

Hakim Ziyech Also Comes On, as Azpi Makes Way. 1-1 NS ]81].

Social Media Says

Hakim Ziyech also comes Azpi makes way. ]81].
Ziyech been playing against Chelsea some time now. Which kind wizard this?
That brilliant from Broja. Steamed forward, exchanged passes with Sterling, crossed Ziyech's close-range shot saved.
Ziyech dreams playing like
Hakim Ziyech performing well what evident confidence completely gone. Instead fight regain doing bare minimum. that unreal.
Hard describe much certain sections hated Ziyech Pulisic tonight.
Willian then booing Ziyech final whistle. Give strength!
Terminate Ziyechs contract swear this isnt serious footballer.
Havertz winger Play Sterling Pulisic/Ziyech wide, play Havertz hell Jorginho should playing this club. Midfield nonexistent.
Should have kept Werner Ziyech Pulisic, very least this transfer window.
Once again read slowly know hard you, nice appearance today gave Ziyech very real chances this game after coming didnt start, even didnt play much, just have call clowns like twitter.

Ziyech worst footballer world.
patience this Ziyech sloppiness.
curious what wanted Pulisic today minutes aside from putting nice cross Ziyech finish which mangled?
watched with glasses Chelsea fans most uneducated fans football wise they believe that doesnt happen automatically they didnt play well barring Havertz ziyech every other player well.

Thought puli fine. Ziyech thoughand Fofana exclusion bizarre fit. Plenty leadership with Silva back there.
Potter want team thats brave isnt afraid make mistakes Ziyech
Well then drop them. Don't sack only thing that felt right club past years Why much Ziyech? unhappy? fuck off Why keep puli when wanted leave? unhappy? fuck off Drop unhappy ones keep others.

Ziyech social experiment test patience just there make people angry.
Glad Azpilicueta Ziyech their "it's clean slate everyone lads" cameos, let's never either pitch again.
Ziyech wanted leave, same with Pulisic... were they kept club? said didn't want Gilmour sold player quality with quickness stupendous PS9m fee. kept them two. wanted them stay. wanted out, listen?

Hilarious much this base scapegoats ziyech. played mins more than did.
Today long day. WizKid WizKid, Davido talk like maohorisa yarn okoto,Chelsea also played very depressing football. Mannn that's alot handle day. just watched another ziyech disaster class. Omoo!!

Potter will soon learn what players invested long term success Chelsea Football Club trusting/praying that means hell learn that Hakim Ziyech not.
Ziyech most useless Chelsea player ever. Very useless annoying.
still home want ziyech leave chels now. shit mann.
only agenda ziyech. Mount played every game this seasom done nothing same with havertz lets scapegoat ziyech.
German ziyech the.
Hakim Ziyechs attitude really stinks.
Full time thoughts. Jorginho useless. Fofana should have started. Broja should starting over Havertz. Mount fraud. Ziyech needs more days bench. Sterling best attacker. Cucurella sharp. James beast. Aubameyang wasnt getting supplies.

Ziyech shit. professional footballer. acting like can't score those chances got. paid Does your boss work praise failure? genuinely shit. Lost ball times, missed chances, fucked simple passes.

annoying thing about Ziyech that have this don't give fuck" attitude it's irritating.
young gets blame course. What they fail realize that broja literally created chances ziyech perfectly.
Lmao dfkm won't insulting ziyech, he's reminder that tuchains should've been interim coach here.
Question! What Potter seen training this week think that Ziyech should come bench?
Hakim Ziyech embarrassment. What horrific excuse footballer.
Wont make ziyech better than football.
wonder what watching Your number number playing have never watch pulisic ziyech played games 90min without goal contribution.. MOUNT havertz played 20min matches LB.. what can't havertz actually offer ..

Well.. agree Havertz over hyped That Marina wasted money that dude.. prefers playing football.. let's even talk about pulisic Ziyech... hate players.

Ziyech should fired arrested immediately, hope doesn't paid this week. player worse everyweek other hand, Thiago Silva become loved that mis-timed tackle that goal overlooked fans We love Thiago SilvaV.

Seeing this after watching ziyech over simplest through ball depressing.
truth both Ziyech Pulisic been pitch long Mount Havertz been they'd genuinely this bad.
From someone that backs Ziyech.
Mounts bounced back quite well Ziyech much better performance still good enough doesnt look like enjoys playing. dont even wanna talk about Pulisic. Auba needs start finishing same with Broja Broja more speed wanna him.

there with ziyech Bruno. Chelsea fans almost kill that time with that nonsense.
Werner Havertz Ziyech. Yeah thanks Frank Lampard.
Ziyech very useless player.
remember Ziyech-Bruno comparisons when they were both signed.
feel Chilwell because Cucurella this position lockdown since played part recommending Potter job. have uninspiring, irredeemable pants like Ziyech, Jorginho etc. Welcome dark ages again. Clubs will feast like cassava, garri, ewa.

Ziyech most useless player ever.
Havertz unlocked, unlocked, Werner unlocked, pulisic unlocked, Ziyech unlocked, unlocked from tuchels haram football, what team.
Personal takeaway from CHERBS good football, ziyech should into team, give broja start, sterling class potter will settle squad will back where need
Yes, Booing Ziyech Azpi Pulisic because every single member fanbase sick tired those
Havertz Auba seeing blame falling Ziyech rather than them despite starting dropping 1.5/10.
Nonsense game from whole sub, zero impact. Loftus cheek thinks he's mini Maradona. Gallagher don't even know he's pitch, very confused. Pulisic alway busy doing nothing. Ziyech can't even make runs. Dear Potter, please Broja should more game time.

Boos Ziyech when subbed thought heard.
Jorginho- sell[?] Harvetz- sell[?] Ziyech- sell[?] Pulisic- sell[?] Broja should starting over Harvetz Zakaria should tried. will sacrifice first time play another time. Chukuemeka should tried too James anger issues 1/3.

when ziyech leaves chelsea.
Ziyech brother youve managed achieve unachievable. Congratulations.
Hakim Ziyech prepared sack Potter tonight***.
Ziyech sent home (morocco).
hate that spent most money defenders, stating didnt need midfielders.kept Ziyech, Azpi Pulisic against their will (even theyre mids) sold lukaku/Werner without replacement.

Remember when they compared Ziyech Bruno Fernandes.
Havertz prettt decent game today. dont know what make Chelseas performance general, first match unde coach, they will better with time. That being said, ziyech s**t, dont think offer Chelsea anything.

issue isn't midfield it's lack killer instinct upfront most time. forwards into many good positions make wrong choices fluff their lines. Havertz, Pulisic Ziyech good enough players contending team.

Mount Kova Silva James Cucu were good today cant same Havertz, Sterling Azpi Ziyech Puli shouldnt playing Chelsea Gallagher legs too.
there ever been four worse players play same Chelsea team than Jorginho, Ziyech, Pulisic Havertz?
What happend repping Ziyech bro.
Winning with Havertz, Pulish!t, CHO, Ziyech, Werner starters overachieving. "he loosing", matches into season with possibility >>50matches only lost played Tottenham Conte field would have beat them Taylor.

Again with unnecessary hate. Mount terrible boo, pulisic done nothing wrong. Ziyech ziyech.

What You Really Think

Y'all should terminate his contract.

He done more than what havertz done all night, Feel bad for the lad, can imagine it would be hard having your home fans booing your every move!

Too lazy & weak. He needs to step up. He has a good talent that should be benefited by the club. Same as Pulisic.

Get this utter wanker out of my club.