Monday 1st of March 2021

Most Successful Dribbles in The First Half of Chelsea 0-0 Manchester United Mateo Kovacic - 4 Antonio Rudiger - 3 Hakim Ziyech - 2.

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Wouldn't be entirely surprised to see Ziyech hooked either at HT or shortly after as Tuchel is pretty unhappy with him.
Tuchel on picking Ziyech/naming Werner as sub for CFC today: Hakim is a different kind of player. He had a good impact in the game against Atletico. We had the feeling to give Timo a little break to have him from the bench and also fresh for the fixture against Liverpool.

Most successful dribbles in the first half of Chelsea 0-0 Manchester United Mateo Kovacic - 4 Antonio Rudiger - 3 Hakim Ziyech - 2.
Definitely from Chelsea I would have never said this months ago but assessing Ziyech I actually think Pepe has more branches to his game.
Robbie could be right, Willian might be better than Ziyech after all.
Willian = 5 Premier League assists this season Ziyech Pulisic = 4 Premier League assists.
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I think Ziyech is playing central now. Ole won't change formations I think, he barely makes any game-changing subs itself.
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See what Chelsea turned ziyech to ? ***nulb That boy was on fire at Ajax but common lighter fire he doesnt have now.
Werner is right there on the bench. Ziyech is still on the pitch. It's an easy sub.
Ziyech has been good in the 2nd half.
I had high hopes for ziyech tbh.
Ziyech has been shit, keeps giving it away.
Looks like werner coming on, I assume thatll be for Ziyech.
Hakim Ziyech had moments but for someone who was supposed to be in his prime in extremely disappointed. We need more on the pitch.
I just love the stock. And movies.
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Ziyech complete 10 passes this game ?
Willian has more assists than Ziyech in the league.
Ayi Ziyech is as clueless as they get. He's been really improved this half though.
Ziyech hasn't had the best of the game... Very very poor.
Ziyech be our idea senior man player.
Werner for Ziyech please!
WIllian (5) now has one more assist this season than Hakim Ziyech (4) in all competitions.
Ziyech being a calamitous signing isnt spoken about enough btw, not built for the prem.
Hes no worse than Mount or Ziyech, and Pulisic hasnt been good this year cause of injuries.
Havertz on up front I think Pulisic drop in behind Get Ziyech off.
Why Ziyech is still on the pitch is beyond me! (71st minute).
Ziyech got shown up by Lucas Moura when it mattered he was destined to flop in the prem.
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Ziyech and Mount link is very good.
I prefer not to speak on that first half from Ziyech. Its sad to see.
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Bring on Havertz or Werner for Ziyech.
Why is ziyech slander all over my tl (i aint complaining but brunos had a worse game ffs).
Its time to sub ziyech and put on Werner.
Ziyech is so far off the pace, I know Eredivise to this league is a big adaptation but I didnt think it would be this bad, cant get to 1st and 2nd balls and when we attack hes way too slow, I would bring Pulisic on and then get him in behind..

We have been giving away the ball away so cheaply,decisions in the final 3rd still very much disappointing and i really dont understand Ziyech role under Tuchel . Looks like we set up play for a draw.
Any chance Werner comes on for Ziyech ASAP?
Its so sad...Ziyech of all player. We go give am time sha.
Ziyech is 28 theres no excuses.
Please sub Ziyech omg.
Cant believe he hasnt put Werner on for Ziyech yet.
Werner on for Ziyech please.
Ajax tricked us with this Ziyech gent.
Assists this season: Willian: 5 Ziyech: 4 LOOOOOOL.
Ziyech with a cross to a linesman Havertz smiling from the bench.
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Ziyech isnt offering us anything right now, why hasnt he come off man.
Ziyech is woeful. not cut out for this league, poundland mahrez.
Surprisely.. ZiYECH has being amazing second half wow...
HASHISH ZIYECH, you gotta score bro.
Now I see why no one but Chelsea wanted Ziyech.
Hakim Ziyech registered 3.41 xSP (expected shisha puffs) per minute. Super sub.
Ziyech should just retire and make a freestyle football channel lmao.
Ziyech is looking much better in that central role. Getting more involved in the game.
Havertz for Ziyech please.
Man, Ziyech has really brought nothing to the table the last couple months. Half-hearted pressing (at best), weak in possession, rarely see the dangerous final ball from him.
The actually compared Ziyech with Bruno? Damn!
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Ziyech dey leak, but hes not mount so we move.
Didn't watch the Soton game, but I'm really curious about what CHO did to get worse treatment than Ziyech today.
Nah Ziyech has been by far the worst.
We have no one to cross the ball to why is Ziyech still on the field?
Ziyech isnt it at all.
Mount played worst than Ziyech, but no one will say it.
Just realised Ziyech wears 22.
Willian better pass Ziyech abeg, and I still don't like Willian. Imagine the frustration we'd be facing if we signed Ziyech and Willian.
This is the Ziyech Chelsea fans were comparing to Bruno Fernandes?? Man is just the moroccan Kai Havertz.
Now I see why Tuchel has been benching Ziyech.
A front three of Mount, Pulisic, and Ziyech... Okay.
I'm laughing we got ziyech as false 9...
Willian: 5 Premier League assists this season. Ziyech Pulisic combined: 4 Premier League assists this season.
And take of ziyech.
Chelsea Man Utd Giroud and Ziyech start for Chelsea, with Havertz and Werner both on the bench McTominay and Greenwood both start for United.
Don Robbie watching now after saying Willian is a better player than Ziyech.
Ziyech/Pulisic playing false 9 when you've Havertz??
I cant see what Ziyech is still doing on the field.
Poor from Tuchel today. How Ziyech is still on the pitch baffles me, just disappointing.
Cannot see the reason for subbing Giroud for Pulisic unless your plan is to soon thereafter change Ziyech for Werner. We need a proper striker on for the ball in behind and that's not Pulisic.
Ziyech is an example of racial scouting going wrong.
Why Tuchel subbed Giroud rather than Ziyech is a mystery.
Mount is hooping, also get ziyech off this pitch asap.
Ziyech a flop that isn't spoken about enough.
Robbie mightve been right about Willian and Ziyech...

What You Really Think

Ai suka this Ziyech chap is overated mncim.

That was a big risk on Rudiger.

Always Kovacic.


Kova sauce.